In a time of uncertainty for manufacturing jobs, Danby Appliances to fill 10 positions

In a time of uncertainty for manufacturing jobs, Danby Appliances to fill 10 positions
Manufacturing jobs are limited these days, especially with the impending closures of General Electric in Peterborough and General Motors in Oshawa.

Former GE Employee Colin Junkin was at the job fair in Cobourg and he says the job hunt is challenging.

“Got to look for a job. It’s hard though now with the announcement of GM,” Junkin said.

Junkin worked as a quality technician at General Electric for over 14 years and his last day was Oct. 31. But, like many of the other 357 employees who were also laid off, Junkin has a family to take care of; it’s what keeps him smiling and motivated.

“Two beautiful little girls, and a wife that I have been with for over 20 years,” Junkin said.

On Wednesday, Danby Appliances held a job fair in Cobourg to fill 10 positions for its new operational site in Cobourg. However, job seekers tell us they are aware of the brewing competition.

“Like most people, I want a secure job, which can be a little tough nowadays. That’s why I thought I’ll try this Danby job. It seems like a more secure way of looking for employment to not do the auto industry,” said Renee Deschamps, who is applying for a job at Danby.

The new positions will be in the assembly line for Danby’s new smart home product called Parcel Gaurd. It’s an anti-theft mailbox that keeps your packages safe until you get home.

As far as Junkin goes, he says it’s easy to find a job, but it’s hard to find a meaningful one.

“Anybody can go out and get any type of job. If I want, I can go work at McDonalds. But I’m shooting higher,” Junkin said.

Danby says it’s currently hiring on a smaller scale but has hopes of expanding in the near future and the company says that could mean more new jobs.
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