Kingston man claims he was forced to surrender his dog

Kingston man claims he was forced to surrender his dog
A Kingston man brought his dog to the vet to have a cut stitched up - when he couldn t immediately afford the bill, he claims the SPCA forced him to surrender his dog.


An innocent interaction between two dogs has led to a Kingston man losing one of his two canines — and he feels as though he’s lost his dog for trying to do the right thing.

“My dogs are important to me,” Dan Mills said from his Kingston home. “They love me just as much as I love them.”  

On Saturday, Mills says his two dogs fought over a piece of toast that fell on the floor. ‘Miss B’ suffered a cut near her chest, which Mills says was about an inch long. He brought her to the nearest vet clinic, where he was told the bill would be up to $850.

Mills says he told the staff he had only $400, but promised to pay the rest by the end of the day.

At that point, he claims, he was turned away and staff called the SPCA to report an animal in distress whose owner refused medical attention.

Mills says he didn’t refuse the medical care — he just couldn’t pay for it.

Once he arrived at home, he says he received a call from the an inspector with the SPCA.

“The Kingston Mills veterinary clinic told them that it was a four-and-a-half-inch gap,” Mills said. The cut, however, was much smaller, he insists — only an inch long.

“When I tried to show them on the text [message], they told me that was more than an inch and she needs to be surrendered,” he added.

The SPCA denies the claim he was forced or directed to surrender the animal.

“That decision was made by the owner,” said Melissa Kosowan, associate director of communications with Ontario SPCA. “The Ontario SPCA’s concern was to ensure the animal received the necessary care.”
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