LaSalle residents angry and confused by lack of snow removal

LaSalle residents angry and confused by lack of snow removal
He says like all Montrealers, every year he has to deal with lots of snow and snow removal — but he says this year is the worst he’s ever seen it.

“It’s a kind of yo-yo game that they’re doing with the snow removal here,” he said.

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Residents said on Thursday, no-parking signs went up on one side of rue Centrale, meaning that snow was scheduled to be removed overnight.

On Friday, however, the snow was still there.

That night, people say the signs were switched over to the other side of the street, but when they woke up Saturday, it was much of the same.

What’s more, is that on some parts of the three-kilometre road, there were no-parking signs on both sides of the street.

“If they’re gonna post something, I’d like for them to do it,” said Hennessy. “And they can be a bit faster.”

The lack of snow removal is frustrating for many in the area, but especially for those without driveways.

Susan Marchand says she’s been switching her car from one side of the street to the other for the last few days and says she’s had enough.

“What I need is for them to, when they say something, as the signs, that they’re gonna do it,” she said. “Because if they’re not gonna do it, then don’t put the damn signs up.

“Let us park where we just shovelled for the last 24 hours.”

They admitted that there was some confusion about the signs put up on the road, but as of Sunday afternoon, they had sent city workers to fix the situation.

They say that one side of the street is scheduled to be cleared Sunday night, adding that they apologize to residents for the inconvenience.
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