Lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer : Heat wave sweeps across Central Canada

Lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer : Heat wave sweeps across Central Canada
TORONTO -- As Canadians emerge from their homes following months spent largely indoors, summer has kicked up a notch in Central Canada to meet them, with a blistering heat wave that is set to continue through the weekend.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has announced heat warnings for southern Manitoba and the vast majority of Ontario, alerting the public that temperatures could stay above 30 degrees for longer than seven days.

These are the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer in Central Canada, David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, told CTV News.

Its not unusual for Canada to see some heat in the summer, but this is a little bit early, according to Phillips.

Normally the dog days of summer dont come for another month, he said.

What were seeing over the next seven days is just a continuation of this very warm, humid kind of condition. Not just one or two days but seven days to 10 days in a row with temperatures that are 30 degrees or above, nights that are very warm, and thats often very unhealthy, of course. And high humidity -- as the crops are beginning to grow, we put more moisture into the air.

A heat warning for Toronto specifies that overnight temperatures will be at least 20 degrees for the next few days -- a sticky situation for anyone without air conditioning.

While central Canada cooks, Western Canada is being faced with rainfall and thunderstorm weather statements, particularly in northern Alberta and B.C.

This is a big country, Phillips said. But I think whats sort of unusual [is] its extreme.

Edmonton has just finished 10 days in a row with wet weather, theyve had twice the amount of precipitation they normally would see. Were seeing no forest fires, really in British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan. But here in the central part of the country, from Manitoba through northern-central-southern Ontario and western Quebec, were into another heat bout.
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