Legalization countdown: The week in cannabis

Legalization countdown: The week in cannabis
QUESTION: So where does legalization leave soon-to-be-not-illegal marijuana in our culture? Is it respectable, a bad habit, a vice, a harmless pleasure? (Will attitudes change over time? It took Ontario decades after Prohibition ended to run liquor stores like more or less normal retail stores.) The words we use all have different value judgments attached: cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed.

Understandably anxious to enter the mainstream, people in the cannabis industry want to create space between them and what for want of a better word we could call stoner culture. Reporters get very polite but firm requests to avoid the word ‘pot,’ let alone ‘weed,’ and images like the one below.

(Global’s style rule is to prefer ‘marijuana,’ given that it’s the term most in common use, but also to allow ‘cannabis,’ ‘pot,’ and ‘weed,’ ideally on second reference.)

If you were choosing images for an online story about cannabis, would you use the photo below, which Canadaland called ““? ( They may have a point .) Why or why not? The form is below the image. Responses may be published. 
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