London police, city highlight intersection safety ahead of enforcement blitz

London police, city highlight intersection safety ahead of enforcement blitz

Ahead of an enforcement blitz next week, the City of London and London Police Service held a demonstration on intersection safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles alike.

Next week’s blitz is part of a month-long Vision Zero initiative involving the city and London Middlesex Road Safety Committee. Vision Zero is a global movement dedicated to ultimately reducing the total number of traffic collisions to absolutely zero.

“We know that intersections are a hot spot. They were identified during our strategy as a place where a lot of collisions happen,” said Doug MacRae, director of roads and transportation with the city.

“In the last five years, we’ve had 371 Londoners walking in the area of intersections hit by cars. In that same five years, we’ve had 193 cyclists in the area of intersections hit by cars. We know that over half of those collisions are when vehicles are turning.”

At Thursday morning’s demonstration at Oxford and Richmond streets, Const. D’Arcy Bruce explained the importance of eye contact and scanning the intersection to help keep intersections safe.

He noted some of the common dangers for those approaching intersections.

MacRae added that in addition to education, the city has taken other steps to reduce intersection collisions.

“We’ve been implementing pedestrian crossovers quite aggressively across the entire city to help give pedestrians the right of way and help them cross roads more safely. Audible pedestrian signals: we’ve gone out in a proactive manner and implemented them to help the visually impaired pedestrians.”
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