Modern flower shop in West Kelowna inspires creative designs with nature

Modern flower shop in West Kelowna inspires creative designs with nature
Inspiration and artistry through designing with nature — that’s the goal at Passionate Blooms, a flower shop in West Kelowna.

“I actually started six years ago out of my parents’ basement,” said owner and floral artist Shauna Grobowsky. “I started with weddings and decided that I really wanted a shop to teach and inspire.”

The modern flower shop is now celebrating its third year in business.

“It’s really exciting to have the business grow and I now have a team of girls working for me,” Grobowsky said. “Just being as creative as we want to be and really pushing the boundaries of design.”

The young entrepreneur became passionate about plants and flowers when she was hired at a garden centre in Calgary years ago.

“I just fell in love with the people that were coming in to buy plants” Growosky said. “Everyone was just so happy all the time and I knew I wanted to do something with design.”

The flower studio is full of exquisite bouquets, decorative planters and local products that convey a fresh, modern feel and design.

Inspiring others to get in touch with their inner floral artist is something Growosky has always wanted to do, which is why the studio has so many interactive workshops.

From learning how to design terrariums, flower crowns, living wall frames and holiday wreaths to learning about the Japanese art of Kokedama, which are floating moss balls, there is plenty to experience.

“We also do flower arranging 101,” Growosky said. “We have one coming up for Mother’s Day, so you can get your mom a gift certificate and actually come in and do something. And you can both take home an arrangement.”

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to owning flowers and plants.

“It is scientifically proven that plants lift people’s moods, increase productivity and clean the air,” Growosky said. “A plant or flower in your office really changes your whole space.”

Passionate Blooms has lots of options for corporations, from team-building workshops to decorating packages.

“We do business-to-business and we offer long-lasting planters that are really art pieces,” Growosky said. “We actually offer a maintenance program. They’ll always be looking fresh and nice because we’ll be caring for them for you.”

For those who are interested in a regular bouquet service, the studio offers a monthly flower club subscription with free delivery in West Kelowna and Kelowna.
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