Moncton SPCA gift wrapping services in new location for holidays

Moncton SPCA gift wrapping services in new location for holidays
Thu, Dec 6: In Moncton, getting your Christmas gifts wrapped by SPCA volunteers has become a bit of a tradition. But after 20 years, the SPCA is moving their fundraiser to a new location. Callum Smith has more.


If you’re looking to have some holiday gifts wrapped by SPCA volunteers, you’ll have to visit them at their new home.

The Greater Moncton SPCA, which is the largest animal shelter east of Montreal, was told by officials at CF Champlain mall that they’d have to find another location at the end of last year’s fundraiser.

“I was extremely disappointed,” said Dave Rogers, who is the executive director for the animal shelter.

“It was one of those things that we could count on, and always counted on, and in fact put it in our budget, year after year after year.”

Dave Rogers, who is the executive director for Greater Moncton SPCA, says the gift wrapping fundraiser usually raised around $25,000

He says the fundraiser, which has hosted at the mall for over 20 years, generally brings in around $25,000.

Brian MacMullin, who is the general manager of CF Champlain, says a new gift wrap program called ‘CF Gift Wrap Valet’ has started in the mall this year.

“With the introduction of Cadillac Fairview’s youth-empowerment philanthropy platform in 2017, the decision was made to donate a portion of the proceeds from this experience to our charity partner, WE, an organization that aligns with our mission to empower youth in Canada,” reads an emailed statement from CF Champlain.

It goes on to say, “Through WE Schools’ programming, the organization works with more than 90 WE Schools in New Brunswick, including 20 in the Moncton area.”

But the SPCA is hoping it won’t take a hit at their new location — the Walmart on Plaza Blvd.

“In December, weather’s getting cold. We’re still full with animals,” says Rogers. “It was much-needed revenue.”
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