Montreal protesters told to leave annual anti-police brutality demonstration

Montreal protesters told to leave annual anti-police brutality demonstration
Montreal police are ordering protesters to leave as an annual demonstration against police brutality unfolds in the downtown core.

“Due to offences committed during the demonstration, we order everyone to disperse and leave the area,” the city’s police force said on social media Friday evening. “Otherwise, we will have to intervene.”

The public is also being advised to steer clear of the area near Crescent, de Maisonneuve, McGill and René-Lévesque streets.

The annual event began at 6 p.m. near Guy-Concordia Metro station before the group of demonstrators took to the streets. They made their way through downtown amid heavy police presence.

Warning given to the #manifencours : We are currently observing illegal behaviours. To ensure the event runs smoothly, we order the participants to follow all laws and regulations.

Montrealers attend the protest each year on March 15 to denounce what they describe as systemic, racial and political profiling by the city’s police force.
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