More than 100 form ‘ring of peace’ around Peterborough mosque

More than 100 form ‘ring of peace’ around Peterborough mosque
On Friday, more than 100 people came together at the Peterborough mosque to show support and solidarity with the local Muslim community.

They joined hands and formed a ring of peace around the outside of the mosque as afternoon prayers went on inside.

“I’m saddened, what happened last Friday at Christchurch. I’m also pleased, on the same note, that we have so much care and support in Peterborough. It’s unimaginable,” said Muhammed Shaikh, president of the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association (KMRA).

“It really represents the love and acceptance and inclusivity of our community,” said Diane Therrien, mayor of Peterborough. “We come out for each other when we’re needed.”

Hermione Rivison is from Christchurch. She’s here to show solidarity with Peterborough’s Muslim community. #ptbo #Christchurch

One of the supporters was Hermione Rivason, a native of Christchurch.

“I believe the more support we have around the world, it strengthens our connections with each other and that’s important,” said Rivason.

Rivason, who has been in Canada since the 1980s, also had a close connection to the shooting. Two of the people murdered went to her high school.

“When I heard on Friday, I have to admit, I sat down in shock,” Rivason said. “I was speechless.

“Christchurch is a quiet little city, where you think nothing will happen. Unfortunately, it did.”

This isn’t the first time Peterborough has rallied in support of the KMRA. It also came to the aide of the community when the mosque was set on fire in an act of hate in November 2015 .

“At that time, we felt we are not alone here,” said Shaikh. “Hate does its own thing, but love has an aroma of its own. We can see that.”
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