Mother of newborn apprehended in Winnipeg hopeful reunion will happen soon

Mother of newborn apprehended in Winnipeg hopeful reunion will happen soon
WINNIPEG—A mother seen crying in social media videos as her newborn baby was taken from her in hospital says she is hopeful the child will be reunited with family soon.

The mother says she had made private arrangements before the baby’s birth to transfer guardianship to her aunt.

“We are disappointed these were not followed but we are pursuing our goal to have my newborn baby placed in the care of my auntie as soon as possible,” she said Tuesday in a statement from the First Nations Family Advocate Office.

The woman cannot be named under Manitoba law.

The family attended family court on Monday and has had a visit with the baby. The statement said they are fully co-operating with the agency and expect to know by Wednesday when the infant is to be reunited with family.

Statistics from the Manitoba government show newborn apprehensions occur, on average, about once a day. About 90 per cent of kids in care are Indigenous.

“I am sad this occurs so frequently. It has been traumatic to witness the lack of empathy and compassion shown during the apprehension of my child and even during my first court appearance,” the mother said.

“I am thankful if my baby and I have brought some awareness to this situation that is happening here in Manitoba.”
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