New West man finds more than $1,500 cash in a box, returns it to owner

New West man finds more than $1,500 cash in a box, returns it to owner
The owner of several Metro Vancouver Domino’s Pizza shops is grateful to a Good Samaritan who returned a box containing more than $1,500 in cash destined for a local charity.

Each year, Gary Josefczyk asks staff to raise money for B.C. Children’s Hospital and he matches their donations.

He absent-mindedly put a large cardboard box, which contained the staff donations, on top of his car and drove away.

Before he realized the box and the money were gone, he got a call from New Westminster Police saying someone had turned it in.

Police say Shane Griffin found the box and returned every last dollar of the donation money to police. Luckily, the box with the money also contained some Domino’s merchandise and police used that to track down Josefczyk.

Griffin said he spotted the box, thinking it was some trash that had been dumped in the neighbourhood.

After discovering the cash inside, he quickly called police.

“It’s just something I would normally do. If I was to keep the cash I’d lose sleep over it,” Griffin said.

Josefczyk said he was “surprised but also relieved that there are still great people out there.”

Griffin said he did stop by the pizza store and spoke to the manager but has yet to meet Josefczyk.

“They’ve already promised me a couple of free pizzas so eventually I’ll cash in on that,” Griffin said.
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