Obstetrical services at Campbellton Regional Hospital temporarily interrupted: health network

Obstetrical services at Campbellton Regional Hospital temporarily interrupted: health network

Vitalité Health Network in New Brunswick has announced that the temporary interruption of obstetrical services (delivery) at Campbellton Regional Hospital will continue until Monday, Dec. 23 at 8 a.m.

The network said that the interruption has been ongoing since Nov. 22, due to extreme patient overload conditions.

“Things are gradually improving, but we are now facing an intermittent lack of pediatricians in the coming weeks,” said Gilles Lanteigne, president and CEO of the Network, in a media release.

“That is why we must continue the temporary interruption of deliveries in Campbellton.”

As for pediatric services, the network stated that they will be temporarily interrupted Dec. 3 to 5 and Dec. 16 to 22.

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Young patients who need specialized pediatric care will be referred to the Chaleur Regional Hospital, in Bathurst, according to the network.

Despite the temporary interruption, pregnant women will still be able to visit the Campbellton Regional Hospital for assessment and basic services.

Pregnant women from the Restigouche region who have questions or concerns can call 506-789-5068 in order to speak to a nurse.

“If there is an emergency, the baby will be delivered safety, one way or another,” said Thomas Lizotte, spokesperson for Vitalité Health Network.

Lizotte said that if there is an emergency, pregnant patients can also be taken to Bathurst or Quebec, depending on the case.
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