Ottawa shelter fundraising to cover care for cat found ‘near death’ in apartment, abandoned by tenants

Ottawa shelter fundraising to cover care for cat found ‘near death’ in apartment, abandoned by tenants
The Ottawa Humane Society said this two-year-old Himalayan cat, named Delilah, was found "emaciated" and "near death" after being abandoned in an apartment for a month.

Ottawa Humane Society


The Ottawa Humane Society is asking for donations to help cover the health care bills it has incurred in saving a two-year-old Himalayan cat abandoned in an empty apartment for a month.

The cat, named Delilah, was left behind by the unit’s previous tenants when they moved out. She went without food or water for more than 30 days, .

“It was a miracle she did not die,” the humane society wrote . “When this innocent kitty was found she was skin and bones, suffering from dehydration.”

The shelter said the building’s superintendent found Delilah, “emaciated” and “near death,” in the apartment.

The emergency care for Delilah cost $800, the shelter said. Not even two hours after tweeting about the cat’s condition, the society had raised more than the full amount – but wrote that any donations “would help contribute greatly to the cost of her continued healing.”

Delilah, a 2-year-old Himalayan needs your help. Left for over 30 days in an empty apartment without food, water and love, she arrived at OHS emaciated and dehydrated. It was a miracle she did not die. Read her story and donate towards her care:

The Ottawa Humane Society said incidents similar to what happened to Delilah are not uncommon in Ottawa.  “An influx of animals” are surrendered to the shelter every summer by people moving from their homes, the shelter said.

“While most animals are properly cared for during a move, some animals are purposely left behind, unwanted and discarded,” the society wrote. “Tragically, many Ottawa pets are abandoned.”

When she arrived at the humane society, vets “immediately” gave Delilah IV fluids and prescription wet food. Once the cat’s health has improved, she will be put up for adoption, the shelter said.

“She is responding very well to treatment and going to live in a foster volunteer’s home, who will lovingly help her through the recovery process,” the organization said.
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