Police investigating cause of Langley deck collapse that injured dozens at wedding reception

Police investigating cause of Langley deck collapse that injured dozens at wedding reception
A day after a deck collapse at a home in Langley, B.C., sent dozens of relatives to hospital, the wedding that the family was celebrating still went ahead Saturday.

The collapse happened during a reception at a home in the Aldergrove community on Friday, where over 100 people had gathered to celebrate the nuptials.

Up to 40 people were taken to hospital, with at least 15 of them suffering serious injuries, including broken legs. Several of those people will require surgery, and some of those procedures were performed Saturday.

The ages of those injured range from a toddler under two years old to seniors.

The home, which was rented out for the reception, is closed off to the family and the public as police investigate.

Langley RCMP said Saturday crews will potentially remain on the scene throughout the weekend as they try to determine the cause of the collapse along with investigators from the Township of Langley and the local fire department.

RCMP Cpl. Craig van Herk said preliminary reports have found the cause doesn’t appear to be criminal, and the various agencies will conclude who should take over the investigation.

“We want to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the home,” he said, adding that he couldn’t say for sure how long the investigation at the home would last.
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