Poll: Wall faces budget fallout, still leads over opposition

Poll: Wall faces budget fallout, still leads over opposition
Although the election is three years off, a recent poll from the Angus Reid Institute suggests that Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party still hold a seven-point advantage provincially over the NDP opposition.

Regionally however, the Saskatchewan Party has significantly less support in Regina and Saskatoon. The poll indicated that the NDP has a 20-point advantage in Regina and an 11-point advantage in Saskatoon.

Although the past few months have been full of budget cuts and higher taxation due to the deficit (originally $1.3 billion, now $685 million), the poll indicates that Saskatchewanians still believe Brad Wall is the best leader on the economy.

Residents also indicated that they believed the economy was the most pressing issue for the province (42%), with health care sitting at 12 per cent, and leadership at eight per cent.
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