#PoutineWithPurpose: Local restaurants ready for Calgary Poutine Week 2018

#PoutineWithPurpose: Local restaurants ready for Calgary Poutine Week 2018
Eighty-one Calgary restaurants are preparing for the city’s fifth annual Poutine Week, pairing with Mealshare and Poutine with Purpose , to provide meals to youths in need with every poutine purchased.

Creator and organizer of the event, Karen Richards, started out by organizing a “Poutine Crawl” in 2010, during which poutine-lovers travelled to six restaurants in one day for the dish.

After partnering with Mealshare in 2013, Richards expanded the crawl to a full week of dedicated poutine eating in many more participating restaurants.

Calgary community leader at Mealshare, Breanne Sich, said that Poutine Week is seven days out of the year that people can eat poutine completely guilt-free.

“Mealshare operates under a simple buy-one-give-one model that allows guests to turn their dining out into helping out,” Sich said. “Any time a guest orders a Mealshare-branded menu item, in this case a poutine, they receive their meal just as normal, but now, a youth in need will receive a simple, healthy meal, as well.

“This is a deliciously fun week that encourages Calgarians to try new types of poutine, visit new restaurants and give back to the community at the same time.”

A total of 8,000 poutines were sold during Poutine Week 2017, which means that 8,000 meals were given to youths in need. Richards said she is expecting this year’s total to be close to 2017, but is hoping to break last year’s record.

Calgary’s Poutine Week will officially begin on April 20 and will run until April 28.

Bite Grocer and Eatery – Bite’s contribution to 2018’s Poutine Week features a Korean Pork Belly Poutine, which is made up of crispy Korean pork belly, gochugaru chili gravy, kimchi cheese curds and sweet potato fries.

Bite Grocer and Eatery’s featured dish for Poutine Week 2018.

The director of special projects at Bite, Amy Buckman, said the restaurant already has a couple of Mealshare items on their everyday menu, so getting involved in Calgary’s Poutine week was a no-brainer.

“Mealshare is doing such great work,” Buckman said. “Plus, we love what we do at Bite and it is a creative way to show new customers who we are and what we do. They come to visit, we make food, Mealshare feeds youth in need. A win-win-win.”

Waffles and Chix – This restaurant’s contribution is called the Fried Chicken Poutine, which is made with southern-fried chicken, fresh-cut fries, Alberta cheese curds and white country gravy.

Waffle and Chix’s featured dish for Poutine Week 2018.

Iva Ivanova / Waffles and Chix

This will be Waffle and Chix’s fourth year participating in Calgary’s Poutine Week, according to Iva Ivanova, the owner of the restaurant.

“We created the item when we were playing around with other dishes on the menu,” Ivanova said. “It’s Canadian specialty mixed with a little American.”

Calcutta Cricket Club – Calcutta Cricket Club is contributing two different poutine dishes for this year’s event. The first dish is the Chips and Curry Poutine, which is with Kashmiri-spiced fries and cheese curds with curry. The second dish is called the Butter Masala Poutine, which is a rich tomato base with cheese curds to finish.

Chips and Curry Poutine: One of two of Calcutta Cricket Club’s featured dishes for Poutine Week 2018.
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