Prom night do-over raising funds to outfit London students for grad

Prom night do-over raising funds to outfit London students for grad
A mother’s painstaking efforts to buy her daughter a prom dress inspired the owner of a London dress shop to start a program for students who can’t afford to get glammed up.

“I had a lady in one time that literally came in, put a dress on layaway for their daughter, and came every week with $5 so she could pay it off,” explained Veronica Hosszu, who owns Elizabeth Noel on Richmond Street.

“I said, ‘You know what? There’s something wrong with that. ”

The cost to attend prom or Grade 8 graduation adds up fast. But thanks to the Princess Program at Elizabeth Noel, Hosszu is has been able to provide young people with dresses and tuxedos, make-up, and hair-dos they otherwise couldn’t have afforded.

The first year they served six students. The program has grown since then, helping a total of 74 students over four years.

“I’ll be honest with you, some years the money has come out of my own pocket. And that’s okay. That’s my thing. I want to provide. Usually, anyone who contacts us, we try not to say no.”

To make that promise easier this year, Hosszu is hosting an adult prom fundraiser. She hails it as a “do-over” opportunity for anyone who didn’t go to prom, had horrible hair, didn’t like their dress, or had a lousy date.

All the money will go towards the Princess Program.

“We’re having dancing, we’re having drag queens come as prom queens to mingle with everyone and do a show, we’re having swag bags, wine toasts to celebrate our 50th (anniversary) and everyone needs a prom photo, so we’re having prom photos in that package as well.”
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