Prostitution related crime in Regina down due to Bill C-36

Prostitution related crime in Regina down due to Bill C-36
The Regina Police Service (RPS) has released a report on the Vice Unit’s efficiency since Bill C-36 was passed in January 2015, ahead of the Board of Police Commissioners meeting on Wednesday.

Bill C-36 addresses the Supreme Court’s concerns with the dangers and risks of prostitution. The bill states individuals can not be prosecuted for selling sexual services from a “fixed indoor location”, and that hired security for individuals selling sexual services cannot be prosecuted either, unless either person is operating under exploitative circumstances.

The bill criminalizes communicating in a public place for the purpose of selling sexual services.

Since the bill passed, the Vice Unit has turned its focus to targeting those who purchase sexual services, “Johns”, rather than those who sell them.

In 2015, the Vice Unit charged 21 Johns with Purchasing Sexual Services. In 2016, they charged 19 Johns. To date this year, the Vice Unit has charged eight Johns. RPS is attributing the low number in 2017 to a low number of resources, scheduling and other ongoing investigations.

The report shows dropping numbers of prostitution charges. In 2015 there were nine prostitutes charged with Communicating for the Purpose of Selling Sexual Acts. That number dropped to 1 last year and there have been no charges yet in 2017.

The report states that “the City of Regina does not want the sex trade business conducted in its jurisdiction.”
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