Regina bridal shop featured in British Vogue magazine for unique brand

Regina bridal shop featured in British Vogue magazine for unique brand
The boutique, which carries 100 per cent Canadian-made bridal gowns and accessories, was asked to be included in a wedding spread Vogue was working on three months ago.

“When I first got the email that we were invited to be part of this ‘What’s cool and new in bridal?’, I thought it was fake,” laughed Morgan Mayer, Sweet Pea & Noelle Bridal Boutique owner and co-partner.

“I went to my partner, my sister (Brittany Holowaty) and went: ‘Is this real?’ I was freaking out.”

Sisters Morgan Mayer and Brittany Holowaty opened Sweet Pea & Noelle Bridal Boutique in 2016.

But they would soon find out, there was nothing fake about it.

“It’s just something so not what we thought and ever expected, but after doing some research, it was very much real,” Mayer said.

“We got to embrace the excitement and be really proud of what we’ve done.”

British Vogue came across their brand on Instagram and said they really liked their vibe and wanted them to be a part of the list they were putting together.

That list that included bridal shops from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Mayer described joining the likes of so many other established bridal shops around the world as “flattering.”

“They wanted to really get that underground brand that hasn’t necessarily been discovered yet and put it on the world stage,” Mayer said.

Mayer said ever since sharing the story with the community, the support from friends and family and other local businesses has been overwhelming.
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