Residents fighting to save green space in Saint-Lazare

Residents fighting to save green space in Saint-Lazare
Solyom argues a proposed housing project that would allow up to 35 single family homes with space for horses, barns and paddocks is too large for the piece of property just off of Chemin du Fief.

Residents say it also threatens wildlife in the area and say the town’s drinking water on the same piece of land that’s slated for development.

“It’s impossible to know what the impact would be of passing multiple roads though here, of having wells dug, or septic systems put in,” Solyom said.

“That study has not been done.”

They also argue the size of the development will also increase traffic in an area largely used by equestrians.

“The possible liability of an accident because where he’s placed his horse trail and the roads is a big concern for safety,” said Corry Terfloth.

David Hill, who lives in the area, also worries that the project — while only impacting a small part of Saint-Lazare — could create a precedent for more development down the road.

“We came here because of the quality of life, the quality of air and quality of environment,” he said. “And as a parent it concerns me deeply because I think we’re taking this away from our children.”

He said the town has a strict conservation policy that is also being followed.

“We have a conservation plan which limits the deforestation, probably the strictest one of all of Quebec,” he said.
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