Saint John Catholic diocese to shutter nine churches by September

Saint John Catholic diocese to shutter nine churches by September
The Saint John Diocese has announced plans to close nine of its churches by this September as part of a revitalization and realignment project.

Starting on Monday, parishes will begin clustering together to form new parishes — with them being declared newly merged parishes on September 1.

The decision caps off a planning process that has lasted nearly a decade and will see its 58 parishes be reduced to just 27.

Saint John is set to bear the greatest financial burden of the revitalization project. The 23 parishes in the region will merge into 13 parishes and five churches will be closed.

Those include:

In Fredericton, 19 parishes will be merged into eight and the Our Lady of Fatima Church will be closed.

In the Miramichi region 16 parishes will be merged into six. Three of the region’s churches will close as a result of the decision.

They are:

“Bishop [Robert] Harris recognizes that these proposals will not satisfy everyone and that some people may be upset and even angry,” the release read.
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