Searching for bio-siblings: Families of same sperm-donor babies connect online

Searching for bio-siblings: Families of same sperm-donor babies connect online
His biological siblings (also known as bio-siblings or diblings) live in cities across the world — just one other lives in Canada.

Lenny came into the world via sperm donor, the son of a woman who was told she would never be able to have children.

“I wasn’t able to talk about this to my friends, my family and I kept this from them.”

After being told her body was already showing early signs of menopause, Anne-Élodie decided to see if she could have a baby using a sperm donor.

“The doctor said at the start that it was impossible, but with treatment and luck, I feel so lucky to have Lenny.”

Dr. William Buckett, director of the MUHC fertility clinic , explained women have the option of choosing an “open ID” donor, complete with a photo, an essay and a full medical history.

“Once the child turns 18, he or she will be able to contact the sperm bank to receive the latest contact information on the donor,” Buckett said.

That’s the decision she made and after giving birth, Anne-Élodie started looking for families to share her journey with.

File photo of a pregnant woman.

Henrik Sorensen

“It was selfish to decide to have a baby on my own and I thought, ‘He won’t have a father,’ and I wanted him to be able to have information on the donor,” she said.

“I feel guilty for my choice. I really wanted to have a child and I’m not sure if my baby will one day be mad at me.”
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