Second oversized load headed to Fort Saskatchewan along Highways 14 and 21

Second oversized load headed to Fort Saskatchewan along Highways 14 and 21
A second piece of petrochemical development equipment is making its way to a refinery near Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

It comes less than two weeks after a massive ‘splitter’ made its way along the same route.

The second piece of equipment is called a de-ethanizer stripper and weighs approximately 682 tonnes and is about 63-metres long.

The stripper separates ethane from liquid natural gas to be reused elsewhere in the refining process or for other petrochemical products.

The massive move began Saturday night from Dacro Industries in south Edmonton. It’s expected to take approximately four days to complete the move.

Motorists are being advised of travel disruptions that might occur during the move.


The de-ethanizer stripper is expected to arrive at its final destination on Jan. 22. Mammoet, which specializes in transporting oversized and heavy objects, is carrying out the move.

The $3.5-billion Heartland Petrochemical Complex will be completed in 2021.

The  province picked Inter Pipeline’s project a year ago to receive up to $200 million in royalty credits . Pembina Pipeline, also headquartered in Calgary, is to receive $300 million in credits for a similar project in the same area if it decides to proceed.

The credits, to be paid out after the facilities are operating, can’t be used directly by the petrochemical facilities, but they can be sold to oil or natural gas producers to reduce their provincial royalty payments.
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