The Salvation Army Kingston needs more volunteers for annual Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army Kingston needs more volunteers for annual Kettle Campaign
The Salvation Army will launch their annual Kettle Campaign on Friday, but the organization says it needs more help to reach their goal in Kingston.

The goal is to raise $310,000 with the funds staying local to support some of the Salvation Army’s programs and services.

“A day drop in shelter. It helps our after school programs. It helps with our emergency food services… last year we provided more than 20 thousand bags of groceries to individuals and families,” said Maria Sadowy from the Kingston branch.

There are hundreds of shifts that still need to be filled ahead of the campaign that runs until Dec. 23.

Since 2006, Carol Roche has been standing post at one of the 19 Kingston kettle locations.

At The Salvation Army’s local volunteer meet and greet she said she offers her time because more than six decades ago, The Salvation Army helped her when she was just a little girl.

“One Christmas Eve, when we didn’t have anything, The Salvation Army came and brought food and toys and candy and I thought one day I have to do something,” said Roche.

Officials with the Salvation Army believe Roche’s story is an inspiration and they know they can always count on Roche to be there, year after year.

“I know when I stand by the kettle there’s going to be a family out there that is going to benefit for the two hours I stood by that kettle just like I benefited,” said Roche.

The Salvation Army hopes more volunteers will sign up and help local families in a time of need the same way Roche was helped all those years ago.
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