‘This is reality’: Moncton couple creates stickers to promote social distancing

‘This is reality’: Moncton couple creates stickers to promote social distancing
Kim Turnbull and her husband Greg Cormier deliver meals to Cormier’s 94-year-old mother about three times a week.

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, they say they’re taking precautions to keep everyone safe, but were concerned that not everyone seemed to be taking social distancing suggestions seriously.

“We found going to the grocery store people were not staying six feet away,” said Turnbull.

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So the couple came up with a solution: creating social distancing badges and stickers. They based their design on a stop sign, and inside it reads 6′ BACK social distancing.

“You’ll notice when you do wear them, people notice them and it’s like they do, they stop and they back up,” said Turnbull.

She says already the reception has been positive. While wearing a sticker at a grocery store in Moncton, an employee noticed the sticker.

“The guy working at the counter said, ‘that’s really cool.’ He said, ‘I’d love to have one of those because I’m tired of telling people to stand back and some people get mad, ” said Turnbull.
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