U-Haul found abandoned on train tracks south of Edmonton

U-Haul found abandoned on train tracks south of Edmonton
RCMP are assisting Edmonton police in determining how the van ended up on the Canadian Pacific Railway line, about four kilometres south of the 41 Avenue overpass on Highway 2.

That s where Monique and John Jr. Myroon, who were driving into Edmonton, came across it.

"We thought, What if there s a train scheduled? So we called it in immediately," Monique recalled.

Edmonton Police Service said it had caught a U-Haul van on radar during a speed enforcement operation near 41 Avenue SW, west of Highway 2, but that the driver did not stop.

Officers did not pursue, nor did they get a read of the license plate.

About 10 minutes later, EPS received a call about a U-Haul stalled on the train tracks, and members found it unoccupied.

Police are investigating whether the U-Haul on the tracks is the same that was seen speeding earlier in the day, as they do not believe the found U-Haul was stolen.
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