UBC Okanagan students redesign donation bins for safety issues

UBC Okanagan students redesign donation bins for safety issues
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UBC Okanagan engineering students, along with their instructor, have redesigned clothing donation bins to make them safer.

This project comes after nine deaths in the past six years, from people climbing inside the bins.

They say their modifications are the answer to the problem that has taken several lives and cost Canadian charities thousands of dollars.

Taheri established a task force to look at the bins and received a $75,000 donation from Firstline Foundation to design and retrofit existing bins.

The students have created what they call three feasible designs. They are all similar, in which they stop someone from seeing inside and also prevent them from being able to climb in.

“It seems to be a lot safer and has accomplished a lot of the goals we set out,” said Noah Campbell, a UBCO student. “You can’t really see inside it, it’s a lot harder to get inside the bin.”
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