‘We are reduced to labour’: Protesters rally at minister’s office against CAQ immigration reform

‘We are reduced to labour’: Protesters rally at minister’s office against CAQ immigration reform
The reforms to the program did not include a grandfather clause protecting international students and foreign workers from the changes. They were set to be implemented retroactively, which caused a public outcry. The government immediately faced pressure from the opposition and the public alike to drop the reforms.

After the outcry, the government softened its stance on Wednesday to include a grandfather clause, guaranteeing people already in the program would not lose their eligibility even if they don’t meet the new selection criteria.

Prior to the reforms, all degrees were eligible to apply for permanent residency under the PEQ program. Under the CAQ’s new regulations, however, the list was curtailed to seven doctorate programs, 24 masters, 65 bachelors and 59 collegiate diplomas.

As for temporary foreign workers, the new regulations stipulate they must hold a job appearing on a special list of “in-demand” occupations when they apply for permanent selection.

That list, however, is subject to change.

Both Premier François Legault and Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette maintained the reforms are necessary to meet the specific needs of Quebec’s labour market.
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