West Island mayors, residents worried about lack of parking at REM stations

West Island mayors, residents worried about lack of parking at REM stations
That is why many hoped that the new light-rail train system, known as the REM, would accommodate their day-to-day reality — but it seems that may not be the case.

At the moment, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue is slated to get around 200 parking spots for the new station, while the Sources station should see about 500.

However, in Kirkland and the Fairview stop in Pointe-Claire, there are still question marks.

At one time, the Kirkland station was expected to have a multi-level parking lot, equipped with about 1,800 spots, but the city’s mayor says that’s no longer happening.

At Fairview in Pointe-Claire, the situation is similar.

“There was a number at the very beginning of 650 spots approximately at Fairview which have been reduced,” said Pointe-Claire Mayor John Belvedere.

The REM, however, refused to comment and said talks are still ongoing.

Belvedere hopes someone will come up a solution.

“The West Island is completely developed differently than downtown Montreal,” he said. “You cannot just walk to a street corner and get on a Metro or get on a bus. The West Island has large lots, main thoroughfares like St-Jean, Sources and St-Charles.”

“You really have no way to get to those streets unless you take your car.”

REM officials point out that bus networks in various municipalities will be revised to help bring commuters to its stations.

Many West Islanders say if there is no parking, they’re not going to use the new system.

“You have to think of those young people that are trying to get their kids to daycare, school, and then they have to get to work,” said Sandy Fuller, a Pointe-Claire resident. “No, we need those parking spots.”

Though the parking lots in both Kirkland and Pointe-Claire are still up in the air, West Island mayors say they are staying positive.
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