When disaster strikes, don’t leave pets out: CEMA

When disaster strikes, don’t leave pets out: CEMA
“Calgary is well-known for severe weather and we’re coming into those seasons where we’re going to get some storms,” said Sue Henry, CEMA’s deputy chief, on Wednesday. “It’s a great reminder for some people as they’re starting to spring clean and they’re starting to organize things for the coming summer months, to think about how can your pets be included in those plans.”

The organization helps co-ordinate large responses to different emergencies and disruptions in the city — everything from harsh, relentless weather events to power outages.

“Pets are part of everybody’s family and anyone that has a pet knows how important they are to that family structure and connection,” Henry said.

“If you have a plan for your pet before something happens, it allows you to take care of them during that emergency and it reduces the stress for all of the family members as well as the pet itself.”

The Fort McMurray SPCA shared this photo of a pet lost in the region due to the wildfires. The cat’s owner has been located.
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