With winter looming, Dundas Place construction remains on schedule

With winter looming, Dundas Place construction remains on schedule
Londoners will soon be taking strides along the city’s first ever flex-street.

As colder temperatures begin to take hold, crews are working extended hours to see Phase 1 of Dundas Place construction wrap up on schedule.

If all goes to plan, its completion will see Dundas Place opened to the public between Ridout and Richmond streets.

A view of Dundas Place construction from Budweiser Gardens overlooking Dundas between Ridout and Talbot. Heading down to the site to get a closer view #LdnOnt

The city’s manager of downtown projects and business relations, Jim Yanchula, told 980 CFPL he’s confident all will be done on time.

“We will have Phase 1 done in 2018 and we’ll start Phase 2 in 2019,” said Yanchula.

Mark O’Donnell of First Choice Interlock says they’ll have paving on Dundas between Ridout and Talbot streets wrapped up early next week.

O’Donnell adds that a newly-implemented 24-hour, Monday to Saturday schedule has been a huge help of construction crews.

“There’s only so many hours in the day that we have. We can’t do our work at night,” said O’Donnell.

“We’re going faster and I think it will [take] a few weeks less on the next block than this one.”

Looking at the progress on Friday morning, Savanah Sewell, manager of Dundas Place, says it’s inspiring to finally see things come together.

“I’m such a visual person and my creativity usually flows in real-time,” said Sewell.

“Some of the projects we’ve been talking about, I can start to visualize it in more a conceptual real way.”

Crews are focused on finishing up the necessities of Phase 1 — such as paving and concrete curing — before winter arrives.

Phase 2 of construction, between Richmond and Clarence streets, will take place during next year’s construction season.
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