90 Day Fiancé Star Karine Files Restraining Order Against Paul, Sexual Assault Accusations - The Blast

90 Day Fiancé  Star Karine Files Restraining Order Against Paul, Sexual Assault Accusations - The Blast
“90 Day Fiancé” star Karine Martins filed for a protective order against her husband Paul Staehle following their nasty fight.

Paul posted a screenshot of the restraining order he was served with. In the docs, Karine says multiple times in the past couple of weeks Paul has “pushed me, grab my breast squeezing and twisting hurting me, pushing me to the floor.” Karine accuses Paul of forcing his penis into her mouth and raping her.

She claims if she refuses, he yells and throws things at her. Karine claims Paul threatens to call the police on her, keeps her green card from her and constantly monitors her every move.


She claims Paul threatens to take away their son Pierre. Karine says he forces her to do social media videos. She explains the reason she cannot leave is because he cut off all access to their money.

In the petition, Karine says Paul called CPS on her saying she was aggressive and drunk. She says they got married in Brazil and the plan was to move back there. However, she says Paul threatens to take away their kid.

Karine claims she is afraid of Paul and his mother. She says Paul’s mom was a witness to all of the alleged abuse and she refused to report her son.


As The Blast previously reported, earlier this week, Karine and Paul got into a massive fight that included police being called to their home.

Karine called police for help in leaving their home. Paul said she was free to leave but accused her of cheating on him. He said she was being reckless with their son.

Paul claimed Child Protective Services had an open case against Karine. He didn’t explain he was the one who called them on his wife.
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