Joe Bob Briggs drive-in movie dos and don ts - Entertainment Weekly

Joe Bob Briggs  drive-in movie dos and don ts - Entertainment Weekly
Joe Bob Briggs is an expert on drive-in culture as evidenced by his hosting of The Movie Channel s Drive-In Theater, back in the 80s and 90s. "My parents would pack the kids into the back seat in our pajamas and haul us off to the drive-in," says Briggs, the stage name of Texas-born journalist John Bloom. "We would try to stay awake for the second movie because the second movie would be the so-called ‘adult’ film. Of course, we never made it. We always fell asleep before the second movie. And so we never got to see the adult film."

These days, Briggs hosts The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs on the streaming service Shudder , which sets horror Twitter alight on Friday nights as he introduces, and interrupts, horror movies like C.H.U.D, Demon Wind, WolfCop, The Stuff, and Chopping Mall.

"It does make me very happy," says Briggs of the show s success. "I enjoy it a lot. Even though it’s a streaming service, people like to show up for the actual live feed. It’s a party every Friday night."
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