Katy Perry Describes New Album & Explains Why Being Pregnant Makes Her Feel Powerful - Billboard

Katy Perry Describes New Album & Explains Why Being Pregnant Makes Her Feel  Powerful  - Billboard
Katy Perry  dropped some hints about what fans can expect from her upcoming album, Smile, in a game of "Finish the Sentence" with The Sunday Times Style.

As the name of the game implies, the singer answered a variety of questions from home by finishing sentences given to her.

"I would describe my new album as hopeful, resilient, joyful and my own journey of coming through hell," Perry said in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday (July 31).

"The song of mine that best sums up my life right now would be probably either Smile or the last track on my album, which is called What Makes a Woman, because I am going through very, very feminine things right now," the pregnant pop star added.

A couple sentence prompts led the glowing Perry to talk further about her pregnancy.

"Being pregnant is amazing because my level of appreciation for women has grown exponentially and given me this powerful feeling, like I can do it all while still creating another life," she explained. "I feel really powerful."
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