May the Gronk be with you: Stargazing

May the Gronk be with you: Stargazing
If you’re not into football, Stargazing reader, we’ll catch you up: there was a big boring game last week, interrupted by a boring concert, and now Gisele Bundchen’s handsome husband has a fresh reason to celebrate . If your reaction is “wow, just who needs it most, I’m sure,” your gridiron education is over: you’re on the same page with most everybody else outside of Boston.

There is a broad public resentment of Brady whose visceral depth is rivalled only by the comparable seething about Anne Hathaway, but far less of it extends to his sidekicks, the raucous free spirit Rob Gronkowski (think Jennifer Lawrence) and Julian Edelman (hmm, Anna Kendrick?). Feel free to get attached to them now and follow them into the many colourful disgraces that NFLers stumble into, post-retirement.

Sitting with Ron Howard, Quincy Jones almost gave one of his legendary interviews, revealing Hume Cronyn’s coke-fuelled threesome on Ron’s Cocoon set. But a thumbs-up’s good, too. (Getty Images)

At the AARP Movies For Grownups Awards, Martin Short quickly reminds everyone that it’s not Movies By Grownups. And why pretend, when you know the award for Most Grownup is surely going to the Green Book cast’s pal Kareem. (Getty/Invision/AP)

Look, if you had a face like Cindy Crawford’s don’t think you could go your whole life resisting the urge to dig in and explore it a bit. (Backgrid photos)

Sorry, Toronto, New York is reminding us of its big edge: there, even the crazy person shouting abuse at you on the subway just might be Sebastian Stan. (Backgrid)

Dita Von Teese and her pals at the J.P. Gaultier show can imply some kinky thrills, but Cher Wear is for those who still appreciate a blinding amount of glamour in their bedroom attire but with a rather more generous cut. (Backgrid/Invision/AP)

Ron Livingston, top, and Larry Miller in “How I think I look when I try to look suave, vs. what everyone else sees.” (Backgrid)

It had been a terrific prank, but after Sam Rockwell spent weeks transforming himself, Michelle Williams had to tell him that there is no Young Walter White series in the works and there never was. (Getty)

Nobody at New York Fashion Week wanted to put the cone on this model but he wouldn’t stop messing with his stitches, so ... (Getty)
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