RVs Are Helping Front-Line Workers Social Distance But Stay Close To Their Families

RVs Are Helping Front-Line Workers Social Distance But Stay Close To Their Families
While many people across the country are gearing up for their cities and provinces to reopen and expand their social bubbles, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, especially for front-line workers like Barbie Allen.

Her son has asthma, so coming home and potentially exposing him to the virus is a risk the intensive care unit (ICU) nurse was not willing to take. Shed even considered sleeping in her car to protect her family.

Kirk Thomson, the vice-president of Can-Am RV Centre, offered Allen an RV free of charge after she called and explained her predicament to him.

The stress just washed away because then I was no longer worrying about my family, Allen said.

Allen has been living in a motorhome ever since while she helps keep Ontarians battling the severest coronavirus symptoms alive. She says she will stay in the unit until the last COVID-19 suffers leave the ICU.
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