Spenser Confidential Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Punches People - /FILM

Spenser Confidential Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Punches People - /FILM
Well, this certainly lookslike a movie. I guess. I dont have anything against the works of Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg, but this definitely seems like one of their lesser efforts. The style of this footage looks flat, the humor doesnt really work, and the plot seems to involve little more than Mark Wahlberg walking into rooms where he proceeds to beat up a group of dudes. But maybe the end result will play better.

InSpenser Confidential, Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) an ex-cop better known for making trouble than solving it just got out of prison and is leaving Boston for good. But first he gets roped into helping his old boxing coach and mentor, Henry (Alan Arkin), with a promising amateur. Thats Hawk (Winston Duke), a brash, no-nonsense MMA fighter convinced hell be a tougher opponent than Spenser ever was. When two of Spensers former colleagues turn up murdered, he recruits Hawk and his foul-mouthed ex-girlfriend, Cissy (Iliza Shlesinger), to help him investigate and bring the culprits to justice.

The film is based on Robert B. ParkersWonderland, a book that wasnt actually written by Parker, butAce Atkins. Parker, who died in 2010, wrote 40 novels involving Spenser. After Parkers death, Atkins took over and kept the series going with eight more books. This isnt the first time Parkers work has been adapted. There was a TV series calledSpenser: For Hire, starringRobert Urich as the character, and also a series of made-for-TV movies whereJoe Mantegna took on the role.

In addition to Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin, and Iliza Shlesinger, Spenser Confidentialalso stars Bokeem Woodbine, Marc Maron, and Austin Post. Look for it on NetflixMarch 6, 2020.
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