Taylor Swift Fan Turns Betty Into a TikTok Rom-Com - Billboard

Taylor Swift Fan Turns  Betty  Into a TikTok Rom-Com - Billboard
Taylor Swift s "Betty," one plucky part of what she s affectionately coined Folklore s "Teenage Love Triangle," ends with a cliffhanger.

"If I just showed up at your party, would you have me? Would you want me? Would you tell me to go f--- myself, or lead me to the garden?" the song s protagonist, James, sings throughout the track -- but the listener isn t privy to Betty s immediate answer.

One Swift fan took the liberty to build upon Swift s fantasy scene with a TikTok comedy series from the perspective of everyone else at that fated high school party, where a teen is fumbling through an apology.

"Who s that?" the friend says as she bangs on the jammed door to get someone s attention. "Is that James?! No! Don t do it, Betty! Betty! BEEEETTTTTYYYY!!"

Jul 31, 2020 at 10:41pm PDT

In a different TikTok clip , she s James mom, waiting in the car for her kid -- because, you know, skateboard-toting James doesn t drive.

"Good luck, pumpkin! That Betty s a nice gal," she says.

Jul 31, 2020 at 10:35pm PDT

In another take, which has gotten over 155,000 views over on TikTok , she acts out the part of a pair of cops outside Betty s house, arriving to shut down the whole shindig.
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