The 37 best movies to stream on Amazon Prime right now (March 2020) - For The Win

The 37 best movies to stream on Amazon Prime right now (March 2020) - For The Win
If you’re being a good citizen right now and socially isolating during the time of COVID-19, bravo. Well done. The world’s healthcare providers thank you.

You’re probably also looking to find ways to fill the time now that you’re, for the most part, constrained to your house. Luckily for you, there are plenty of streaming options available right now, and one of those is Amazon Prime.

For Prime subscribers, you get many movies and original programming available for streaming for free. We’ve collected 37 movie titles that we love and will share them below.

(Note: Most of these are available for free streaming for Prime members, but sometimes Amazon changes what is included. Hopefully this will be accurate as of March 2020.)

Some other lists to check out:

Let’s get to the movies:

2. HONEY BOY — Shia LaBeouf s unflinching, semi-autobiographical film is one heck of a public attempt at catharsis, but the performances are beautiful.

4. STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN — You might just know this from a meme of William Shatner screaming "KHANNNNN!!!" but this is actually a delightful sci-fi romp.

5. TRUE GRIT — A dark Western remake for fans of the genre, and even non-Western fans will stick around for two great Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges performances.

6. CLUE — This movie had no business being as good as it is. A silly caper based off a board game is elevated by the performances, especially from a totally-bought-in Tim Curry, who may have never been better.

8. BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON — A charming look at a young woman desperately trying to get her life together.

9. FIRST REFORMED — This film, about a pastor who struggles with his faith when confronted by the enormity of the climate disaster, sure doesn t *sound* fun, but Ethan Hawke is mesmerizing, and there are moments of true beauty.

10. THE GREAT ESCAPE — This movie is preposterous and perfect. Who doesn t want to see Steve McQueen riding motorcycles around (for some reason) while trying to escape Nazis?

11. THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO — This gorgeous, surreal look at gentrification in San Francisco is equal parts bizarre and heart-wrenching.

12. IT S A WONDERFUL LIFE — Wanna cry? This movie will get it done.

13. RAGING BULL — One of Martin Scorcese s masterpieces, Raging Bull features an all-time performance from Robert DeNiro. It s long, sure, but what else do you have going on?

14. PLATOON — Oliver Stone s bleak look at the Vietnam War shows how war can tear everything apart, no matter what side you are on.

15. UP IN THE AIR -- This 2009 Jason Reitman film explores late capitalism through the lens of a corporate downsizer who spends his life in airports. It s by turns bleak, funny, and sweet.

16. THE FLORIDA PROJECT -- This indie film is an honest look at life in and around Florida strip malls, with an arresting performance from Willem Dafoe.

17. MANCHESTER BY THE SEA -- Wanna cry even more? Hoo buddy, get ready to cry. It s cry time. (This film is magical, but you know, the crying.)

18. INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS -- An ode to artists who never quite make it, Inside Llewyn Davis features beautiful music and a fantastic performance from Oscar Isaac.

19. MUD -- Sneakily one of my favorite films of the last few years, Mud stars Matthew McConaughy as a broken loner on the run who turns to two kids for help.

20. MERU -- Easily one of the best mountaineering documentaries ever made, Meru is by turns inspiring, breathtaking, and terrifying.

21. OLDBOY -- This movie will mess you up. It s really good. But it s going to mess you up.

22. MID 90S -- Jonah Hill s bildungsroman set in the skateparks of the 90s has no business being as good as it is.

23. ANNIHILATION -- This adaptation of the Jeff VanderMeer novel is a chilling bit of sci-fi horror, with a big, big heart at its center.

24. CABIN IN THE WOODS -- Pre-Thor Liam Hemsworth in a perfect little horror film? You bet.

25. MIDSOMMAR -- This movie will mess you up more than Oldboy. You ve been warned.

27. EIGHTH GRADE -- This cringe-y look at middle school is so real and honest it ll feel like you re in the awkward lunchroom conversations yourself.

28. LADY BIRD -- Greta Gerwig s movie, a coming-of-age story set in Sacramento, is laugh-till-you-hurt funny, but with moments of arresting sadness, as well.

29. THE BIG SICK -- A lovely little rom com set in and around hospitals. Might be too timely!

30. SHERLOCK HOLMES -- Guy Ritchie s first take on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle legend was fun and biting, while still a bit more restrained than the sequel got.

31. THE DISASTER ARTIST -- James Franco s ode to The Room, AKA the worst movie ever made, is hilariously funny, but with real empathy as well.

32. ONE CHILD NATION -- This look at China s one-child policy is a stunning bit of documentary filmwork.

33. THE LAST WALTZ -- The best concert film ever.

34. STOP MAKING SENSE -- I lied about The Last Waltz. It s the second best concert film ever. This is the best concert film ever.

36. MURDERBALL -- This gorgeous documentary looks at the world of quad rugby, with a level of access that borders on the unbelievable.

37. SOME LIKE IT HOT -- One of the truly great comedies of all time, it still holds up, all these years later.

Nick Schwartz

March 26, 2020

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