The Morning After: Hasbro s $60 Baby Yoda toy is coming this fall - Engadget

The Morning After: Hasbro s $60  Baby Yoda  toy is coming this fall - Engadget
So what s the good news? Hasbro finally showed off the $60 animatronic Baby Yoda most of us have been waiting for, (spoiler: the best foldable phone is still a long way from being the best phone) and it s Friday.

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Outside the park. Westworld season 3 trailer sets the stage for an AI battle

The latest Westworld trailer shows Dolores, Maeve and Westworld s other characters leaving the confines of the park that defined so much of the show s past two seasons. Additionally, there s more of the futuristic city we saw glimpses of in the first trailer HBO shared last July. and get ready for season three to start on March 15th.

Meet the next Peacock. CBS plans a broad streaming service based on All Access

A small touch-up. Windows 10 icons are getting an overdue redesign

Microsoft hadn t really touched Windows 10 s main icons since its debut in 2015, but now Insider beta testers are . First up are the Calendar and Mail apps. The design team explains it wanted to break away from the flat, colorless icons you see today in favor of ones that are more consistent with newer branding and different enough to make them easier to find.

This is fine. Google is disappointing the Stadia community

According to Jessica Conditt, "It feels like there s an asterisk after every bold claim Google makes about Stadia, adding invisible barriers to a system that s supposed to be borderless." Also, there are literal asterisks with footnotes on nearly every line of the Stadia homepage, explaining .
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