Vinay Menon: Donald Trump’s fake bald-eagle graveyard is where his sanity is buried

Vinay Menon: Donald Trump’s fake bald-eagle graveyard is where his sanity is buried
Kawhi Leonard is a superstar. The sky is blue. Tim Hortons coffee tastes like suffering. Road rage is a growing menace. The temperature near the Arctic Ocean should not reach 84 degrees. Khloé Kardashian deserves a man who will not cheat on her. The sun is hot. Britney Spears is a tragedy in the making. Water is wet. Lou Dobbs is Satan. Cauliflower is disgusting. A six-pack stomach is really hard to get after the age of 30, no matter how hard you try, and believe me I am trying.

But all of this stuff is relatively debatable compared to what should now be the most agreed upon truth in the universe: Donald Trump is clinically insane.

Even if you still love the guy — and I hear from many readers who still do — can we just agree that, yeah, he is a three-legged coffee table? He clearly has severe brain damage. He is not playing with a full deck. His marbles are long gone. If Trump was a housecleaner, there is no doubt he would vacuum your backyard and scrub the stainless-steel appliances with mustard and dust the blinds with a flamethrower.

The man is so off his rocker, he can’t even recall what furniture used to look like.


I draw your attention to comments the U.S. president made on Tuesday while addressing natural gas workers in Louisiana, where he launched yet another baffling attack on one of his new favourite targets: windmills.

The setup was the Green New Deal proposed by some Democrats, which Trump dismissed as a “hoax.” You know the routine. Anything he can’t wrap his head around or potentially makes him look bad — federal investigations, the media, congressional oversight — is “fake.” When Melania ever leaves him, he will tell his flock of credulous rubes he was never actually married: “Never happened! Believe me. That Melania chick was stalking me. Fake marriage.”

But at this moment, Trump was fixated on the Green New Deal, which he warned would result in mass unemployment. He did not offer any corroborating evidence or industry stats or grand political vision. Trump’s take on energy has never strayed beyond a pledge to bring back coal mines and, what, make black lung great again?

But then things got weird. Trump started riffing on wind power and ... bird deaths?

“You want to see a bird cemetery?” Trump asked the crowd, who clearly did not want to see a bird cemetery. “Go under a windmill sometime, you’ll see the saddest — you’ve got every type of bird.”
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