Music, gym and COVID-19: How non-core classes will operate in Ontario schools

Music, gym and COVID-19: How non-core classes will operate in Ontario schools

September will mean back to school — but not back to normal — for students in Ontario. And one area that will see big changes amid the coronavirus pandemic is how schools deliver gym and music classes, according to a plan the province released Thursday.

One education expert and former school teacher said those areas of instruction are very important to many students — and the issue presents a lot of questions.

“How do you teach these physically-contacted subjects like gym or music and do them in a way where you continually social distance?,” said Jessica Rizk, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo’s department of sociology.

“I think those are going to be huge questions that the schools and admins need to deal with.”

Here’s what the province has said so far on how the instruction will occur when most schools reopen as of Sept. 8.
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