Photos of man who had inner parts of his ears removed go viral

Photos of man who had inner parts of his ears removed go viral
A Swedish body modification artist has garnered a lot of online attention after sharing pictures of a procedure in which the insides of a mans ears were removed.

Chai Maibert, who owns Calm Body Modification studio in Stockholm, posted pictures of the cosmetic procedure to his Instagram account over the weekend. The graphic images show a clients stitched earlobes missing the centre portion of cartilage known as the conch.

The procedure involves surgically removing the inner portion of the outer ear, creating a window-like effect through the ear. Though its unclear how popular the procedure may be, it is mentioned on several body modification websites.

But its not just the shocking look of the procedure that has ignited controversy online. Maiberts post has sparked a heated debate about the effect the conch removal will have on the clients hearing, after claiming that the procedure would improve hearing from behind.

However, hearing experts disagree.

According to Maryam Ghaderi, , the conch and outer ear are responsible for collecting sound and play an important role in how well we hear.

If you have that part missing, I would guess a bit of your hearing would be affectedprobably your sense of localizing sound, Ghaderi told To say how much in terms of a percentage of hearing loss is hard to say. contacted Calm Body Modification for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publishing.
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