Quebec ministers creating ‘false’ arguments about marijuana bill: Jane Philpott

Quebec ministers creating ‘false’ arguments about marijuana bill: Jane Philpott
Philpott disputed that claim, saying “yes, the provinces will have to adopt regulations and make decisions about distribution, but they are already living with the consequences of the current situation.”

In her letter, Philpott also points out that: “After almost 100 years of prohibition, our young people are the biggest group of consumers of cannabis in the world.”

“They turn to the black market, which is increasingly being linked to organized crime,” she wrote.

Quebec said it may create its own legislation in addition to the federal bill.

Canada’s marijuana legalization bill, introduced in the House of Commons last week, has not been well received in Quebec.

Premier Philippe Couillard and several cabinet ministers complained it imposed more responsibility on the provinces without the funding to support them.
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