Vitamin D and COVID-19: Experts say any possible link is ‘premature’

Vitamin D and COVID-19: Experts say any possible link is ‘premature’

Aside from a potential vaccine , there’s no surefire answer to COVID-19 .

Scientists agree on the basic hygiene principles to avoid infection as well as on the primary way the virus is transmitted. As for a slew of other preventative or causational factors — the jury’s out.

That includes Vitamin D .

“Recent studies on Vitamin D, they raise an eyebrow. They might be hypothesis-generating, and it’s a good question to ask, but it’s premature to start making claims about vitamin D and COVID-19,” said Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist based out of Toronto General Hospital.

“We call this ‘speaking beyond the data.’ And that’s what happening with vitamin D.”

Vitamin D is well known for its role in keeping healthy bones, teeth and muscles by promoting the body’s absorption of calcium. A lack of it has its downsides and risks , including bone weakness (osteoporosis) in adults and a similar bone deformity illness, called rickets, in children.

There have long been suggestions that vitamin D boosts the immune system and helps stave off infections, including the common cold. Since the inception of COVID-19, studies have pointed to the vitamin’s possible role in the prevention of infection and how supplementation could improve a person’s outcome .

In theory, there may be some weight to the claims, said Bogoch, but overall the evidence is inconsistent.

“It’s being studied, and rightfully so, but these claims of efficacy are overstating the data based on what we have today,” he said.
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