Duclos reminds cabinet colleagues to be transparent, even in times of crisis

Duclos reminds cabinet colleagues to be transparent,  even in times of crisis
OTTAWA -- The federal minister responsible for public access to government information has reminded his cabinet colleagues of the need for transparency and accountability "even in times of crisis."

In a letter sent Wednesday to his fellow ministers, Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos says being open during the COVID-19 pandemic is key to ensuring public confidence.

It also encourages ministers to have their institutions proactively publish as much information as possible about COVID-19 on the federal open government portal as soon as this is feasible.

Duclos message follows calls from the federal information commissioner, the Canadian Association of Journalists and an ad-hoc accountability group for concrete actions to ensure transparency during the pandemic.

Many federal employees are working remotely and those doing non-essential work have been asked to limit their use of government networks, sometimes making it more difficult for agencies to release information.
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