Some new air passenger rights land mid-July, others delayed until Christmas

Some new air passenger rights land mid-July, others delayed until Christmas
TORONTO - Transport Minister Marc Garneau says new regulations requiring airlines to provide help and compensation to passengers stuck on tarmacs for hours will kick in on July 15.

The new rules in the government s long-promised passenger bill of rights will also require airlines to pay up to $2,400 for anyone who is denied boarding for situations within an airline s control, and up to $2,100 for lost or damaged luggage.

But what officials call the more complicated regulations won t arrive until mid-December.

Travellers will have to wait until just before Christmas for rules requiring airlines to seat parents beside or near their children at no extra cost, as well as compensation for cancellations.

Garneau says the rules and timelines aim to strike a balance between being fair to passengers and to air carriers.

He calls the rules around cancellations "more complex requirements" that require a longer runway so airlines can draw up and implement new policies.
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