There are consequences for lying to Canadians: Trudeau on Scheer lawsuit threat

There are consequences  for lying to Canadians: Trudeau on Scheer lawsuit threat
OTTAWA Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his decision to threaten Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer with a libel suit, saying that there are consequences for misleading Canadians, which he believes Scheer has done amid the SNC-Lavalin affair.

I think highlighting that there are consequences short-term and long-term when politicians choose to twist the truth and distort reality for Canadians, its not something were going to put up with, Trudeau said on his way into a cabinet meeting Tuesday morning.

The potential lawsuit came to light over the weekend when Scheer held a press conference in which he distributed copies of a letter from the prime ministers lawyer.

In that statement Scheer called Wilson-Rayboulds submission concrete evidence that proves Justin Trudeau led a campaign to politically interfere in SNC-Lavalins criminal prosecution, and the entire affair corruption on top of corruption on top of corruption.

Scheer has said he stands by his comments and welcomes the opportunity for Trudeau to test the case in court, where hed have to testify under oath about the scandal, something the Conservatives have been calling for.

Trudeau said in French that if Scheer withdraws the statement, hell find that satisfactory and would not pursue the lawsuit further.

I think its important that all politicians be straight with Canadians in how they characterize their own actions and their own beliefs. I think were going to have an election in the coming months, you cant be inventing things, you cant be lying to Canadians, Trudeau said.

The potential court case dominated question period on Monday. Government House Leader Bardish Chagger fielded the questions in the prime ministers absence. Trudeau is set to attend question period today and this potential lawsuit is likely to once again be the dominating topic of conversation.
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