Anti-Vaxxers Needled After Asking To Be Called Vaccine Risk Aware

Anti-Vaxxers Needled After Asking To Be Called  Vaccine Risk Aware
A recent Twitter post is getting mocked after posting a request that the media avoid using the term anti-vaxxer, calling the label derogatory and inflammatory.

On Sunday, a Twitter account associated with an anti-vaccination website called Crazy Mothers posted the request to stop using the label, which is often applied to those who claim without evidence that vaccines are dangerous. The same message was posted to the sites Instagram account.

Vaccines are safe and effective at establishing herd immunity and reducing the risk of disease for sensitive populations. In March, , a common claim among the anti-vaxxer set.

Dear Media,

Please retire the use of the term Anti-vaxxer. It is derogatory, inflammatory, and marginalizes both women and their experiences. It is dismissivemy simplistic, highly offensive and largely false. We politely request that you refer to us as the Vaccine Risk Aware.

Measles cases have surged to the highest number reported in the U.S. in 25 years, which health officials have attributed to undervaccinated communities allowing the highly contagious disease to spread.

Many Twitter users decided to needle the Crazy Mothers account by suggesting there are even more appropriate terms than anti-vaxxer or vaccine risk aware.

One person explained, for example, that anti-vaxxer is meant to be an insult.

Its supposed to be derogatory. Anti-vaxxers threaten the lives of children, their own & more importantly other children. Their anti-science extremists who ignore experts & have a delusional sense of their own of their own intellectual & moral significance. They should be mocked.
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